Cookies are priced by the dozen and vary in cost depending on design complexity, details, number of colors, florals, writing, metallics, and dough type. Each custom cookie order is different, so they are custom-quoted.


Basic Cookies:

$36.00 a Dozen

Perfect for custom orders that require a large quantity and want to bring down the over all cost.

- No designs

- Basic Shape (circle, square, hexagon)

- 2 colors


Standard Custom:

$66.00 a Dozen

Custom with more simplistic designs. Not all themes can be accommodated at this rate.

- 1.5 dozen minimum

- 4-5 designs

- 3 colors plus white


Detailed Custom:

$69-$84 a Dozen

These are highly detailed and are what you'll typically see on my Instagram and Website. These typically include florals, metallics, script, characters, and complex techniques. These orders are custom quoted.

- 1.5 dozen minimum

- 5+ designs!

- any colors + white

Logo Cookies:

$5-$8 per cookie, minimum of 1.5 dozen. Logo cookies are quoted on a custom basis.